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There is no doubt that Australia is one of the top choices for immigrants worldwide. Besides being close to Asia, Australia is culturally diverse and offers the best lifestyle among many countries. Healthcare, social benefits and quality of education ranks among the top in the world. Blessed in natural resources, the ease of doing business, skilled multicultural workforce and robust economy makes Australia a magnet for overseas seeking Australia residency.


Australia Business / Investor Program Highlights

  • Will be granted a temporary visa. May apply for permanent residency after 1 year (Depending on the subclass visa held);
  • Various pathways to choose from;
  • Excellent healthcare, social benefits & education institutions;
  • One of the best countries to live in the world.

Australia Business / Investor Visa Requirements

Subclass 188 – Business Innovation & Investment Visa (Provisional Visa)

  • Open / operate a business in Australia;
  • Net worth of minimum A$800K;
  • Under 55 Years old;
  • Nominated by Australian state / territory government.

Subclass 188 –  Investor Steam Visa (Provisional Visa)

  • Invest A$1.5M in Australian business or investment activity;
  • Score min 65 on the point test;
  • Have business, investment and personal assets of min. A$2.25M;
  • May apply for permanent residency after stay conditions.

Subclass 188 – Significant Investor Visa (Provisional Visa)

  • Invest A$5M in Australian investments;
  • Nominated by State/Territory government agency or Austrade.
  • May apply for permanent residency after stay conditions.


Time to Australia Residency

Application will take about 1 – 4 years depending on the subclass type applicant is holding.

Australia Residency Process

Applicants will be issued a temporary residency permit which leads to a permanent visa, which eventually leads to citizenship.

Australia Stay Requirements

Will have to meet stay requirements.


Qualifying family members include spouse and all dependent children under 23. Aged 23 or older dependents due to partial or total physical/mental disability are also included.

Australia Tax

Australia full corporate tax is at 30%. For small business (turnover less than A$25M), their tax rate is 27.5%.


Many migrants love Australia for her laidback lifestyle, natural beauty as well as multiculturalism. They also appreciate Australia’s easy access to quality healthcare and high quality education for their children. 

Fairness and willingness to give things “a go”, make this great country the “Lucky Country” for all. 

Australia chooses her migrants carefully through the point test system, making sure that those who come in are skilled workers or people who are able to contribute to the economy.

Fortunately, there are quite a few possible pathways leading to permanent residency in Australia. As your age consists a substanial part of the point test, it is always best to apply as soon as possible to get more points going for you.