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Cyprus, the original island of love, is a tourist magnet for her beautiful beaches and world heritage status. Besides having a great sunny climate, Cyprus is offering a very conducive business environment for all investors, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Corporate tax rate is just a low 12.5%. In additional, all profits from overseas companies are also exempt from tax.


Cyprus Golden Visa Program Highlights

    • Fastest Route to Citizenship – under 3 months
    • Lowest crime rate in EU
    • you invest your money into properties rather than donate
    • one visit to Cyprus once every two years

Cyprus Investment Requirements

  • Invest €300,000 in real estate for permanent residency or €2M in real estate for citizenship; or
  • Create/invest €2M in Cypriot businesses that employs at least 5 Cypriots; or
  • invest €2M in approved funds/bonds; or
  • May invest in a combination of the above.

Cyprus Residency Options:

Applicants must buy their main residential home (at least €500,000).  Cyprus offers 2 fast tracks to residency.

  1. Cyprus Permanent Residency 

Applicants just need to invest €300,000 into property to gain permanent residency. This visa will be granted in within 2 months.

Applicants may include their family (dependent children up to 25 years) and will just require 1 visit every 2 years.

This visa option is one of the easiest and fastest ways to permanent residency anywhere.

  2. Cyprus Investment Program (CIP) 

If you are looking for the faster and easiest way to Cyprus citizenship that gives you the freedom to work, live, study, travel and retire anywhere in the EU, this is it!.

Applicants will need to invest €2million in new build property/properties to gain the citizenship (€2.5 million for 2nd hand properties). After 3 years, you may reduce your property investment to just €500,000, ie., you can liquidate €1.5 million of your property portfolio.  Applicants will obtain their citizenship within 6 months.

Time to Cyprus Residency

Application for Cyprus Permanent Residency will take about 2 months.

Application for Cyprus Citizenship will take about 6 months

Cyprus Residency Process


Cyprus Stay Requirements

There is no actual residency needed.


The applicant may include their spouse, dependent children under the age of 25.

Cyprus Tax Benefits

Together with Ireland, Cyprus corporate tax is at 12.5%, one of the lowest in EU.


Cyprus offers a fast and simple pathway to their permanent residency and citizenship. While some golden visa program requires the applicant to make a government donation, Cyprus does not. You can have full control over your investments on real estate. In addition to being a Schengen member, Cyprus should be on your top choice.