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Why You Should Consider An Ireland Golden Residency Visa ?

Ireland, the smaller cousin of England has been in the England’s shadow for too long. In recent years, Ireland has proven herself to be capable of attracting the majority of the Multi National Companies, overseas students, and migrants to her shores.

Why the Ireland Golden Residency Visa ?

The Ireland Golden residency visa is European Union’s cheapest golden visa program for an English speaking country. It enables the applicant to live, work and study in Ireland.

Many people have thought of Ireland as a sleepy, laid back country with nothing much happening. On the contrary, Ireland is an economic powerhouse focusing on high tech and financial services. It is rated the fastest growing economy in the EU zone and is the most globalized economy of the world.

Ireland proximity to Europe guarantees you a huge business platform to the huge EU market.


Ireland Quick facts:

Population:   5 million

GDP:  US$ 334 billion

2018 GDP growth:  7%

Top 3 trading partners:  United States, United Kingdom & Germany

Top 3 Exports :  Pharmaceuticals, Organic Chemicals, and Precision Instruments


As Ireland continues to welcome foreign investment with their 12.5% corporate tax rate, many global companies particularly in high tech, software, medical tech, pharmaceuticals and financials sectors had rushed in to open their regional HQs in Ireland.

It is not surprising that Ireland is now home to most of the top multinational companies including Google,  Apple,  Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Bayer, Citibank, ICBC, Lenovo, just to name a few. Presently, these MNCs have greatly boosted the Irish economy, and contributing to its low unemployment.

Ireland’s Economy Facts:

#1 in the world for availability of young skilled labour.

#1 in the world for investment by quality and value

#1 in the world for attracting and retaining top talent


Many overseas students come to Ireland & UK for higher education as English is main language.  Irish medical schools are very popular with overseas students.  Education is free for Irish citizens.

Ireland’s Education Facts:

→  Ireland education ranks amongst the top 10 in the world.

→  Irish universities rank in the top 5% universities in the world.

→  Employers ranked Irish graduates as No1 in Europe


Ireland’s healthcare system is pretty good and efficient compared to other countries. Walk in or A&E patients are quickly attended to by compassionate hospital staff.

Lower income families receive free healthcare. The rest of the residents will pay normal fees which are often subsidized.

  • Abortion is currently illegal unless there is a real and substantial risk to the mother’s life.
  • All children under six years of age and elder people over 70 years of age are entitled to free GP visits
  • Under Long Term Illness Scheme, people with certain conditions may be able to get free drugs, medicines and medical and surgical appliances

Fall leaves covering a building

Consider the Ireland golden visa…

All in all, Ireland is a hidden gem that is waiting to be discovered.  Be it for your family’s business endeavors or for children’s education nor even for a change to a less stressful family lifestyle, Ireland is one of the main contenders for your consideration.

Should you want more information on Ireland residency visa, please contact us.the 

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