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Why Get a 2nd Residency

Is Getting A 2nd Passport/Residency For You?

According to The Second Citizenship Survey 2017, about 90% of people would love to have a second passport or a second residency.

Investing in a 2nd residency / 2nd passport should be on everyone’s mind. It has become more an important requirement in recent years for high net worth individuals for personal as well as professional reasons.

You will appreciate the assurance and freedom for you and your family in this ever changing world, in case something unexpected happens. You have a peace of mind knowing that if and when the need arises, you have a 2nd residency in another country that you can make use of. Think of it as an added insurance, opening up more options for you and your family.

There are others who value the better resources that are available in other countries. For example,  a better education system, better healthcare, and more business and investment opportunities as well as having a better quality lifestyle. Once you obtained a 2nd residency, you will be presented with all these wonderful opportunities.

 There are 2 choices for you to get residency in another country through investment.


Residency By Investment (RBI)

The first pathway to obtain residency in another country is through Residency By Investment’ (RBI). An indivdual may invest a sum of money into a country’s economy in exchange for resident status. 

The investment amount varies from country to country. This pathway is particularly popular when the person just wants residency (not citizenship) or the person’s home country does not allow dual citizenship.



Citizenship By Investment (CBI)

The second pathway to obtain residency in another country is through ‘Citizenship By Investment’ (CBI). The investor invests in a country’s economy in exchange for citizenship status. 

The investment amount is usually more than RBI. This pathway is particularly popular when the individual’s home country allows dual citizenship or they want to give up their home citizenship.






The good news is that the investment for residency can be as low as €250,000 and the residency visa can be approved in 2 months. 


And the best part is many of the countries’ programs featured on our website do not have requirements for you to reside permanently in that country, if you do not want to. That means that you can gain a 2ndcountry residency, while still working in your home country.


By obtaining another country’s residency, a person is able to live, work, study or retire in the host country, thereby opening up more flexible options in life for mobility and freedom. 


Here are just some of the benefits of obtaining a 2nd residency or citizenship in another country. 

Benefits Of Having 2nd Residency

Having the 2nd option in life…

You will never know till you need it!

Avoid country instability 

Avoid economic and social instability!

 Property   Landlord

Own properties round the world!

Top rated passport 

Get visa free travel to most countries – Global mobility!

Better standard of Living

A more fulfilling life for you & family!

Business needs

Accessible to new and more business opportunities abroad!

Tax benefits and planning

Attractive tax rates and other tax benefits!

Better Education

Attend and enjoy prestigious schools at local fees!

Better Healthcare System

Get access to top world class quality care!