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Greece PR Golden Visa Program

With Greece golden visa program, you can obtain Greece PR (permanent residency) for yourself and your family. You can live, work, study or retire anywhere in Greece. Enjoy low cost of living yet enhanced with a high standard of life!

When you talk about sandy beaches and exquisite cuisine, Greece will be No.1 on everyone’s mind. With a rich history of thousands of years, Greeks have been welcoming visitors to experience their rich culture and history. Many has come to love this wonderful country and stayed on permanently. as permanent residents.


Greece Golden Visa Program Highlights

    • Fastest Route to Residency – 1 month
    • Cheapest entry to EU residency
    • No need to provide clean criminal record
    • No stay requirements
Greece golden visa apartment


Greece Golden Visa Requirements :

  • Invest €250,000 in real estate(new or resale) in residential or commercial.

Applicants just need to invest €250,000 into real estate to obtain residency and this visa will be granted in within 1 month. Applicants will need to keep their main residential home to maintain residency.

Time to Greece PR

Application for Greece Permanent Residency will take about 1 month. Resident permit will be renewed every 5 years.

After 7 years residency, applicant may apply for citizenship.

Greece PR Process



Greece Stay Requirements

No visit required.


The applicant may include their spouse, dependent children under the age of 21.(children in full time education- up to 25).

They may also include their parents and parents in law.

Greece Tax Benefits

 Greece corporate tax is at 24%.


Greece offers the fastest, easiest and cheapest pathway to your Greek PR. If you are after a EU residency without any stay requirements, this is it!. After you have invested in the property, you can rent it out for an income. Like Portugal, Greece is also a Schengen member which grants you free movement among the 26 member states.