What are the Golden Visas ?

The EU golden visas are permanent visas and citizenship rights that are granted to investors and their families. Depending on each countries’ visa program, the required investment may be through the purchase of property, bonds, projects, or donations.

Why do I need a 2nd residency?

As the world is being more connected and integrated, investing in a 2nd country residency / 2nd passport should be on everyone’s minds. Having this option provides peace of mind in this ever-changing world and opens up many benefits that come along with the residency. continue…

We will help you obtain your 2nd residency

We at Worldwide Residency, recognize the importance and increasing needs of individuals who want worldwide residency for many reasons. We are a boutique firm that will listen, understand your plans and recommend solutions for you to achieve your objective. continue….


Residency by investment grants the individual the right to obtain permanent residency by contributing the country’s economy.


Residency by investment grants the individual, the right to obtain citizenship by investing in the country’s economy.

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